Saturday, 21 January 2012

Le Poosh Hooses

Below is some research on the type of generic mid/upper class houses that I would like to put within my level.  I took these photos in Cardiff on 14/1/12 and took many different shots to get the feel for the outside and shapes on the house.  I found many different types of rail ornaments but going into that much detail would be a waste of time and polys, they're still valuable because it's a reminder that although the houses all look the same every one is slightly unique.

Several houses together with variations


One house close up *ruined by driving car

Close up of architecture on window sills and bricks

Close up of Door


Steps leading to door
Side view of steps to give sense of length and height
Next step is concepts for houses, I think I have more than enough here to get started on designs for the houses that I want to model.

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