Saturday, 21 January 2012

Garden Filler from Cardiff Research Day!!

14/1/12 on 'Cardiff Research Day' as it will be called from now on, I not only took a stroll around the older looking architecture but also took some snapshots in the Museum Garden, all very relevant.  There are many different aspects that I can use to fill out the garden of the glass house in my level, some of the more notable images include the railing (that could be used to keep players on track) and also the brickwork for the paths, (it will be a different alignment but I could use similar bricks as I use for the houses?! maybe??!!?!).  Other interesting aspects include hedges, statues, the use of different heights and also flower beds and shapes. From this research I could probably be a bit more elaborate with the track design in the Garden and maybe step back from the symmetry I've been so focused on.

Tree and stones surrounded by railing

Benches are a nice touch

Example of height in the garden


Some of the Statues were really cool

Potential to use assets to obscure vision and frame level?

This is only the better half of the photos I took, I could use all of the above and more to inform and construct a well designed garden, it will be part of the focus of the level after all and if it was bland in design would maybe lead to players forgetting about said level *unhappy face*

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