Thursday, 16 February 2012

The green path of greenness!!!

Below is basically the same as the other blog update, however is shows the green path that is available to players from the map design that has previously been posted. Overall the shortcuts take about 10 seconds off the overall time, however, the players are not granted water bonuses. The green paths also have the jumps and 'fun' features in the level.

Below is the video for the green route.

The blue path of blueness!!!

finally figured out how to use fraps *without help* AACOUGH COUGH!!* so now I'm uploading the blue path from the map level design I posted earlier. Below is a screengrab with the path drawn on.

below is the video of the blue path, I had to upload it to youTube then embed it in because it wouldn't upload directly, therefore making the process 10x longer >:[ 

block out time

literally just finished my block out and I'm am on 1:48 ...bit long maybe? maybe a bit more playtesting and arranging. As soon as I figure out how to get a video it will be posted :)

yet another map iteration!!

It may look the same but whilst blocking out the level in UDK I have found through progressive playtesting, that the experience has more of an impact if the entry off the estate onto the market roundabout comes so the players can see the glass palace.

...block out and block out video coming soon (i.e. when I figure out how to work video stuff)