Thursday, 24 November 2011

Welcom to Cobblebottom Lane!

I had an idea of features I wanted to implement in my track and a High Street/Market place was one of them. I've drawn inspiration from cobble stones and classic shop signage above the doors, a quick sketch just to get the overall idea down but I can't do any more because of a headache, just as I was picking up pace :/ definitely something to come back to.

Cobblebottom Lane

This is but a rough sketch which is the foundation concept of Cobblebottom Lane, the go to high street/market place for all citizens. Located extremely closely to The Prince's Passage, a back alley renowned for its shady dealings and links to black market activity. There is an aura of polite business on this lane juxtaposed against the dodgy back street dealings mere feet away.

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