Tuesday, 15 November 2011

An announcement about achieving something!!

So I went to the Library today and got me some good ol' fashioned picture books!! To get a feel for the Victorian age and also for design and modelling purposes obviously!!

Here are the books ready for referencing:

1.      Carol Davidson Cragoe, 2009, How to Read Buildings – A Crash Course in Architecture, London, A&C Black.
2.       Ian Leith, 2005, Delamotte’s Crystal Palace – A Victorian Pleasure Dome Revealed, Swindon, English Heritage.
3.       Alejandro Bahamon, 2006, London – Atlas of Architecture, Barcelona, Parramon Ediciones.
4.       James Stevens Curl, 2001, Classical Architecture, London, B.T. Batsford LTD.
5.       Staton, Ennion and Moore, 1998, Three Centuries of Change, London, Collins Educational.
6.       Brodie, Sargent and Winter, 2005, Seaside Holidays in the Past, London, English Heritage. 

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