Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Concept Time!

This update includes pictures and ideas that I can't get out of my head, so I'm going to roll with these, trust your gut and all that...
I've labelled each picture individually, see the relevant section written underneath the pictures.





OneThis is an overview of everything I put on paper that was running through my head at the time of pondering over the glass house. The writing from the sketchbook is in the description, see TwoThree and Four.

Two/ This is the general shape I'm looking at but it's liable to change, there's something that isn't quite right that I can't put my finger on that I want to change. Description from sketchbook reads: "this is the image of the shape I have in my head at the moment, I like the idea of arches but too many wont allow for the cars to pass through."

Three/ This is how I want to present the focal point to the player for the first time, in my head the race starts from outside the town. Players drive up a hill on the way into the town and are then greeted by the glass house upon the descent into the town, I think it could be quite dramatic. Description from sketchbook reads: "And this is how I imagine it will look in the game. This picture would be the first time you see it in the level, coming down a hill and getting a glimpse of it. Then you're guided through the streets and periodically have to drive past it before at the end you have to drive through it."

Four/ This is an image of what I wanted the courtyard to look like, big entrances at the front with plenty of gates and then some plantation at the back, in the form of a maze, I want the glass house itself to overshadow everything. Description from sketchbook reads: "This is a picture of what I imagine the courtyard will look like, many entrances and a fountain at the front and a maze at the back."

Below is a picture of a route I made, clearly a very rough one at that and open for change. There's a lot in it and I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew but this early on I can afford to dream :) Of course this is only a section showing off the town, there is also the journey into the town and also the finishing line (and I have an idea that I would like it to finish on the bridge?!) I have a vision of how I want it to look, it's made up of different sections being:

following image three, this is a route I thought could be done to show off the town.

grey crosshatch: these are the generic houses, filler essentially.
red dashes: parts that would be inaccessible, causing the player to follow the route. 
green squares: these are the mazes, put as two separate ones to allow for a driving path.
yellow 1: these would be market stalls as you drive into town.
yellow 2: these would be the corner buildings surrounding the roundabout/statue.
yellow 3: this is the high street, so really there would be many different shops.
yellow 4: this is the glass house itself.
yellow 5: and these are some 'posh' upper class houses, undecided about these as of yet.
There is also a whopping river flowing through it too but I have no clue of how to do water effects.

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