Monday, 14 November 2011

Ideas of a focal priority!

Following the lecture on Friday about level design from Barry, and the grinding from John and then the heavy weekend of Skyrim to think over the ideas in my head :) I've decided to throw myself at the idea I was sceptical of doing because I didn't know how it could be done. I was originally thinking trains but that's too obvious. From my basic knowledge I know that when people think of the industrial revolution, factories upon factories spring to mind but there was another side to it where the wealthy of the day displayed the technological advancements that had been achieved, much like the great exhibition of 1851, I could go on about how it was a marvel because of how expensive glass was back then (it was taxed heavily) and also how hard it was to produce window panes big enough for it to be viable etc etc but that gets boring, might save it for my report. My idea ...after seeing and pondering over Steamboy was what if that was my focal point? or something really similar? ...and what if you had to drive through it?! ...amazing no?! ;) and it sticks to the realism that Rich Morgan wants too!

Below are some images of said exhibition whilst I have a chance to throw together a mood board for some concept art :D

The Great Exhibition 1851 

an image of what it looked like full... image of what it looked like empty (how I will probably model it to look)
I found these selected images by google searching the words 'the great exhibition 1851'.

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