Thursday, 8 December 2011

3. Building pictures from books

With the recent realisation of how big this project will be I'll have my work cut out and I think the level may end up looking a lot like it does in the original route design. The repetition in the upper class houses gives me a better hope though, if I do some really good assets then there would be nothing wrong with setting the whole level in an upper class environment.

potential upper class terraces? *note the fencing

*Also I've seen some really nice terraced houses in Cardiff, potential for getting research and textures for when modelling work comes round?*

The picture below is the type of thing that I would really like to put at the bottom of the high street on the roundabout. Having four maybe five buildings surrounding the roundabout would give an interesting perspective and also add variety from the planned upper class environment it will be based in. It wouldn't be the same height as in the picture, after all I do want the emphasis on 'HUGE' to be on the glass palace.

this type of building could be nice where the roundabout
would go but obviously a bit smaller in size

This isn't from the period but is still a nice image,
something like this could maybe feature in the High Street?

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