Thursday, 8 December 2011

1. Garden pictures from books

Looks like it wasn't just the glass houses that were big... (*ohhhh!!)

...the gardens were pretty large in size too (*awww)

So it turns out that the gardens are many times the size of the glass fortresses, which I should have explained a while ago and that would have given context to my previous blog update about the size. So I've been looking at gardens (as well as other things) and interesting designs of them from the period and the images below represent what it could look like. It could be interesting with intertwining paths and routes and I'm really feeling a garden setting for the ios design. 

Ideas I'm thinking of at the minute are;
  • ponds
  • symmetry
  • bushes
  • a maze
  • different grounds being gravel/grass/board walks etc

le symmetry, be interesting make players swerve around the centre parts 

garden and the raised up glass house, interesting idea for design which can be seen in last concept

overall layout and size of the garden

interesting board walks and a pavilion in le background * remember this idea!! 

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